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The newsgroup comp.dcom.isdn.capi provides a place for the discussion of CAPI not discussed in a more appropriate newsgroup. Tips, tricks and informational postings are welcome, as are mutual assistance and support.

Please do understand, that CAPI Association’s secretary cannot answer any technical question!
For technical questions you have to contact comp.dcom.isdn.capi or our members directly.

comp.dcom.isdn.capi is for aspects of CAPI that are related to CAPI software development and CAPI compliant products. Possible discussion topics include:

  • Questions about CAPI
  • General programming issues in CAPI
  • Usage of CAPI in different operating systems
  • Relationship between CAPI and other communication APIs
  • Discussion of international standards related to CAPI
  • Recommendations and reviews of tools, books and tutorials

Binary postings are not permitted in comp.dcom.isdn.capi under any circumstances.

It is possible that some people will post messages asking for illegal copies of software to the newsgroup. Users are encouraged not to follow up or reply to these messages in the newsgroup and to simply ignore them.

The newsgroup is for information and support. It is not a marketplace, and advertising of commercial products is not permitted. Moneymaking schemes, chain letters, excessive crossposting and reposting is also inappropriate.

With all violations of the charter, users are encouraged not to follow them up or reply to them in the newsgroup. If you must follow them up, please do so by email. This prevents the newsgroup from deteriorating any further.